jar picWe often have nine or more grandkids, along with their parents, visiting for one to two weeks at a time. In an attempt to cut down on my cooking time while they are here I hit upon a real timesaver using mason jars.

  • Jars are cheap, seal well, and easy to organize in the pantry.
  • I measure out all the non-perishable ingredients for a recipe (such as cornbread, chocolate cookies, etc.) and put in the jar. Sometimes a recipe necessitates separating ingredients into plastic ziploc bags.
  • On a sticky label that is attached to the jar I write simple directions that include perishable items (milk, eggs, oil, etc.) that need to be added. If using separate bags, I just write steps of recipe on the bags.
  • Kids much prefer helping Nana bake, rather than just pulling out a bag of cookies from the freezer.
  • And, the advance preparation eliminates error in measuring all those dry ingredients (before the troops arrive!) when things are a little less chaotic and one can actually think without all that sweet jabbering going on.

    Numbers One through Twelve (Thirteen born in April!)
    Numbers One through Twelve (Thirteen born in April!)

At the grocery store you can find cases of ten jars or watch for them at garage sales or second hand shops. Jars come in all sizes to meet the needs of storing small (nuts) to large (sugar/flour items.

Ok, let me know YOUR creative jar storage ideas.


Must go and get ready for the onslaught of these yahoos!