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Christmas Letter 2018

First of all, we want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. What a blessing to continue relationships for many years with those of you we have had the privilege to know not only from the U.S., but also other countries. 

We still love living in the Texas Hill Country and enjoy the peace and tranquility it provides. The workshop Greg has patiently and steadily built from the ground up is nearing completion. He’s excited to be able to finally see the end of this project in the next few months, fulfilling his dream of post-retirement woodworking hobby. 

Pop’s Shop

 In April we moved Greg’s parents into an independent living facility in San Antonio to be closer to us. Moving from their long-time home in Abilene was difficult, but they seem to be enjoying all of the activities offered for the residents and also living close to kids, grandkids, and great grands.

We both enjoy the men’s and women’s Bible studies at the new church (in our area) we are attending. I am currently participating in women’s discipleship training and look forward each week to meeting with my discipleship partner, a young woman the age of my daughters. We also began a small weekly community group in our home in October.

My interest in writing has continued in 2018 and I eagerly anticipate the weekly Christian writer’s group meetings each week. My goal in 2019 is to carve out more time to spend in uninterrupted writing each day. 

We often sit and wonder how the years could have gone by so fast. Our two oldest grandchildren graduated from high school in May. Sydney, a social work major, began classes at ACU in August and Sam is attending college near his home with plans to transfer to another university in a year.  Both Sydney and Sam have dedicated summers during their high school years to mission work in other countries.


Blake (16) recently began study with a new piano studio. His natural ability & love for piano is evident in his beautiful playing. Brady (12) loves football, and Max (11) continues to improve his game of golf. Brady plays french horn in middle school honors band and Max began middle school orchestra this year on viola. We love living close enough to spend time with the Moreland grands and feel privileged to attend numerous musical events throughout the year.

We were excited to welcome Raiden Levi Sheppard, our #14 grandchild, on November 19th. Deserea and Raiden are temporarily living with us. It’s a lot of fun having a baby around again-just a little easier this time since we don’t have to get up at nights with him. 🙂 His Mommy sure loves that little guy!

Raiden Levi

Aidyn (14) began her own business ( this year and is an avid organic gardener. Delaney (13) has taken up volleyball and plays on a team. We hear she is fierce on the court! Anderson (11) and Sheppard (9) both enjoy sports of all kinds, especially football. It warms our hearts to watch the kids be so sweet and kind to their little brother, Huddy. Hudson (6), a delight to all, gets around a little faster now with his new special wheel chair. He loves his new school where he receives physical therapy. He gets so excited to see his friends everyday.  

Moreland and Turk kids

Selah (13), a fantistic big sister to two-year-old Sarah was recently appointed captain of her cheerleading team. Silas (16) began swimming on a team last year and has steadily improved his times. At 6 ft. 4 in. he towers over all of us now.  Sarah, a huge dinosaur fan, is just really good at being cute. She adores her older siblings and they are a big help with her.

Lonard Kids

All of these kids provide their grandparents much joy. We are proud not only of their accomplishments, but also for the kind and caring young men and women they are growing into as we witness their faith in God grow more each year.

Blessings and Happy New Year,  Greg & Karen 

Sarah says Aloha for now!

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men. Luke 2:14



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